About polyols

About polyols

A polyol is a liquid containing multiple hydroxyl groups. Polyols derives either from the petro chemical industry or from natural resources. 

Nivapol  produces a wide range of various polyols and two-component systems for foamed and solid elastomeric polyurethanes. In every case, the systems consist of an isocyanate plus a polyol resin. It is the blending of the latter which gives the finished product its desired performance characteristics.

Polyols exist in many forms, varying greatly in chain length, functionality, initiator type and alkylene-oxide type. Depending on the use of the material we canl add blowing agents, fire retardants, cell stabilisers, pigments, fillers etc - to achieve the required specification and performance.

Traditionally, the industry has relied on petroleum-derived polyols, but in recent years there have been an exciting developments in the use of vegetable oils, from castor, soya, sunflower, palm, coconut and rapeseed. They are called bio polyols. These have the advantages of renewable sourcing  and have a far lower energy consumption in their conversion to polyols. 

Nivapol manufactures bio polyols for a long range of uses.

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